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Tough On Fridays

“Little Italy has a chilled vibe, with a cool groove - perfect to stick onto your Spotify playlist. The girls work together vocally and have produced an alternative song that I'm sure you'll love. So far, they have only gained local recognition but if they carry on making music like this, I can see them growing on everyone else!”
-Sophie, One Unique Blog, London

Blending elements of Blink182 era punk and modern singer songwriter, Tough on Fridays are making their way to the top one epic single at a time. "Little Italy" and "Retrospect", TOF's first studio recordings, have already gained them global attention as well as praise in their hometown of Austin, Texas. 

Together, the powerhouse songwriting duo, made up of Caleigh (pictured left) and Katie (pictured right), have created vocally melodic, yet gritty and raw masterpieces that will be in your headphones for years to come.

What is the story behind the name "Tough On Fridays"?

We had been searching for a band name for quite awhile, up until then we'd been known as "Katie and Caleigh" (how original). We were all talking one day about our next gig and how it was going to be on a Thursday and I mentioned how that was a nice change because "playing shows on Fridays can be tough", since its more likely people are tired and aren't up to go to a show. Eric, our manager, was like "Hey, switched around, "Tough on Fridays" sounds pretty cool. We all agreed that the name was both original and personal in terms of the band...thus Tough on Fridays was born!

Who are your greatest musical influences and what was your most influential live show?

Since we were like 10, we've always looked up to bands like Blink-182 and Nirvana and a lot of their sound we like to incorporate within our music. More recently, bands like Moose Blood, the Front Bottoms, and SWMRS have been huge inspirations for us and the way we create music. 
As far as live shows, about a year ago we went to see one of our favorite bands and biggest influences, Moose Blood, at Stubbs' indoor venue. We had the best time at that show, it was like nothing else mattered except the music, and it made us want to one day be the band to others that Moose Blood was to us that night. 

What instruments do each of you play? Do you come from musical families?

Katie plays acoustic guitar, bass and performs the lead vocals and Caleigh plays acoustic & electric guitars and does backup vocals.
My family (Katie) is quite musical, almost everyone can either play an instrument or sing, and my dad is the one who taught me how to play guitar. Caleigh's family is not as musical, so she's self taught in everything she knows when it comes to music.

What is your songwriting process?

A lot of times we actually write songs separately and, in a way, "unveil" them during band rehearsal. When we do get together and write songs however, it definitely flows and we have a great time doing it. We both write better at night, so we'll spend an entire night bouncing ideas and melodies off of each other and we'll usually finish with a handful of potential songs.

Where is your dream gig and what artist(s) would you love to share the stage with someday? 

Our dream gig would definitely be playing at a large music festival like Austin City Limits. We've seen so many great bands and have had such a great time over the years attending that festival, that that it'd be awesome to have the roles reversed and be on stage playing instead of in the audience.

Playing a show with a band we go way back with, like Blink-182 or Green Day, would be awesome, because its something we've dreamt about since we were kids and we would be able to learn so much from them.

Hobbies or interests that draw inspiration when writing? 

Most of our inspiration when writing just comes from life itself. All of the songs we write are just an artistic version of real life events that have affected us in one way or another.

Favorite instrument brands?

For Caleigh, when it comes to electric guitars, Gibson is the go-to, and Martin when it comes to acoustics. I'm a fan of Martin acoustics as well, and when it comes to my bass, its Fender all the way. 

What's next for 'Tough on Fridays'?

We're currently in the process of recording our next single, and we are constantly writing new material. We're hoping to accumulate more fans and exposure globally and be able to travel to these areas!

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Tough on Fridays - "Real Love" Live

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