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Tyler Rush - Bass

Michael Jekot - Lead Guitar

David Kapsner - Lead Vocals

Tim Durand - Percussion

At Zeda Royal, the absolute best part of our job is discovering new music and artists. Austin is overflowing with talent, but most recently we were taken aback by the soulful jams of the up-and-coming band “The Mammoths.”  

Their sound is bold and fresh – combining old school rock n’ roll with a bluesy, modern day element. The songs are richly textured and cleverly written with melodies that seep into your brain and beg to be played on repeat.

“Golden Spell”, their most recent EP produced by Omar Vallejo at 512 Studios, is hands down our current favorite album to get lost in, and we think you’re going to dig it too. (If not, see a doctor. Your ears might be broken.)
We had to know more, so we sat down with the guys for a little Q&A.

ZR: So guys, who ARE ‘The Mammoths’?
TM: We are four dudes with a strong passion for writing and playing music.

ZR: Where are all of you from?
TM: David, Michael and Tyler all grew up in Austin. Tim is from Tennessee, but has lived in Austin the last few years.

ZR: How did the band form?
TM: David, Michael, and Ty have played together since age 13.  We all went our own ways spread across the US for college/jobs.  We found ourselves back in Texas a couple years back and decided we had to follow our passions and play music.  We met Tim at a SXSW jam session last year and picked him up along the way.  The chemistry was electric from the get go.

ZR: What are your musical backgrounds?
TM: All of us have been playing music from ages 7, 8, 11, and 13.  Tim is the only member with serious tour experience under his belt. He has toured on and off since age 17 in various, national acts.

ZR: How do you describe your style and where do you gather your inspiration from?
TM: Down to earth blues rock with a mixture of psychedelia and soul.  We were all raised on the classics (Beatles, Zeppelin, Eagles...)  Each of us developed our own sounds and interests as we grew older.  David developed an ear for singer/songwriter music, Michael leans more toward the style of Kurt Cobain, Tyler is rooted in jam bands and soul music, and Tim has toured in a handful of metal/hardcore bands for most of his musical career.  Our EP, Golden Spell, touches on each of those genres and styles!

ZR: How was the experience of working with Omar Vallejo in the studio?
TM: We couldn't have dreamed of a better experience.  512 studios has all the amenities to make anyone feel comfortable.  Omar is a high-energy guy, which transmits to everyone around him.  He really pushed us to make our optimal product.  For example, if a vocal or guitar part wasn't your best possible take, he would make you stay in the booth until it was perfect.  We're glad to call Omar our producer and friend.

ZR: Where would you love to play a show?
TM: We have grown up going to ACL almost every year.  I think getting on that bill would be very surreal for all of us.

ZR: What are the future plans for ‘The Mammoths’?
TM: We are currently on a 6 week tour from mid- January to March.  We hit Colorado playing at the historic Bluebird then we headed Southeast to Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, and New York.  We will play at least 30 shows during that run.  Our goal is to spread our sound around the country and to keep making music!

Best "on the road" story (touring story)?

 We had a high-paying gig lined up in Nashville, which would've paid for the trip and more. After 10 hours of driving, we received a call that the show was cancelled. Luckily, Tim knew some people in Knoxville, who were gracious enough to throw us a house party and take us in for the evening. It ended up being the wildest crowd we've ever played to. The next morning we found out that our Nashville gig was back on, and all was right in the world. Things always work out for the best.

Country you would like to travel to?

 New Zealand 
Austin go to taco spot?

 Veracruz Tacos

Favorite piece of gear?

Our new van.

Favorite venue in Austin?
 Hole in the Wall. We have a residency there every Thursday. Everyone there treats us like family.

Favorite place to tour?


Click the album to check out The Mammoths new EP "Golden Spell"!

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