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Beth Noble

Austin, Texas based singer songwriter Beth Noble is rocking airwaves across the country and it's easy to see why. "The Story of Her Life" is, hands down, one of our favorite Albums of the summer. Beths extraordinary vocal range is complimented by the instrumentation of her band, which includes her father on guitar. Her songwriting is contemporary yet nostalgic, reminiscent of artists past who have left their footprint on the country music scene.

We recommend "the story of her life" to any young girl who is on the path of writing her own story.

"Every ounce of pain is felt without overdoing it, and that’s only some of the magic found in these songs.
This record contains a little of everything Beth Noble is saying to the world..."

-Larry Toering, Skope Magazine

"This is about as good as it gets for any current female country artist to my ears, which don’t travel in country circles as much as the next, and it still turned me onto more country." 

-Mike Tabor, Vent Magazine

Beth, tell us about your musical upbringing. What lead you to pursue a career in music?

Music has always been a part of my life, ever since I was a little girl. My dad’s side of the family has a lot of musicality, so every time we went to my grandparent’s house, the family would jam together. Some sang, some played instruments, and my dad and I always played Gospel music while we were there. My dad has always played guitar, and ever since I can remember we would sit around singing songs together, but mainly we played “I’ll Fly Away” and “Amazing Grace”. It started out we would do a Sunday special for church, where I would sing for the congregation, but also at the time we owned a restaurant, and we started performing for the customers as well. I even learned how to clog, so I’d be out there clogging while my dad played the guitar, and my uncle played the fiddle. I always wanted to sing for people as a career, but I never thought I was good enough for that. For a long time I wanted to pursue a career in theatre, but I always ended up playing music in my spare time. It wasn’t until I started writing songs that I saw music as a possible career. I’ve always tried to write something others could relate to, but my songs never worked, until I wrote “Drunk In Love” and my dad told me he thought I had something. Since then, i’ve been working towards getting my music out there and hoping people catch on. 


From where do you draw your inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anything! Mainly I’m inspired by stories, but sometimes melodies will pop into my head that I think sound interesting. Most of it comes from life experiences. A song is how I say what’s on my heart. I’m not very outspoken, so if I have something to say I’ll write it. It’s something I really enjoy doing too, so it doesn’t take much to inspire me to start creating. I can be bored and that will make me want to start writing. 

Who would you like to one day share the stage with?

I would want to share the stage with Loretta Lynn, because she came from nothing and made a name for herself. I lover her story to success, as well as her songs. Chris Stapleton is someone else I’d like to perform with because he is an amazing artist. His songwriting, as well as his voice, are just incredible, I could listen to him all day. Also, I think one day if I could share a huge stage with my dad, that would be a moment I’d remember forever. He would absolutely love it, and it’d be like the topper on the cake after all of our work. 

What is your favorite song on the album and why?

My favorite song is God Has A Plan, because God is my assurance and my hope, and the song is true for me, and for a lot of people, that a lot of times you feel lost and wonder if you are doing the right thing. My answer for those times is that God does have everything under control, and everything is as it should be. With my music, my goal is for it to be hopeful, and something that lifts you up, and I think that song does that. It’s the kind of message I want people to take away from me. 

What is it like sharing the stage and studio with your father?

Sharing the stage, and studio, with my dad is the absolute best, because it makes me at ease when I am nervous, and I know that I can count on him. He makes sure everything is going right, and is like my advisor on things I could do, or things I should be thinking about. He cares just as much as me about the music, so having him around makes everything better, and takes away some of the pressure. He is really my rock in all of this. 

What do you like to do outside of music that contributes to your creative process?

Outside of music, I love watching movies at the theatre, and movies are inspiring in general, so they always get me thinking on how I want people to feel after listening to me. I also am completely crazy about musicals.

I wanted to be in musical theatre for THE LONGEST time, so I go to Bass Hall to watch the shows that come through Austin constantly. The music in them really moves me, and the stories that go with them, which is really what I’m interested in. Guitar lessons with Matt also get my creative juices flowing a lot, because he always shows me knew styles of playing that would sound beautiful in a song, or chords that I’ve never played, and it makes me want to write something immediately. 

How was working with producer Matt Smith at "6 String Ranch"?

Working with Matt was amazing!! We knew when we met him we’d found the biggest blessing. We heard about him through another guitar player, so my dad and I showed up on his doorstep one day with horrible recordings of my songs, just hoping he would like one. So we let him listen, and what you hear on my EP is what he ended up producing. He took them and made them absolutely amazing! He’s done more for me then I ever imagined. The best thing about Matt Smith and 6 String Ranch is it's all about people growing in their artistry, and becoming better and better at your craft. He is extremely patient and helpful, and has gone out of his way to help me along. He wants you to be the best you can be, and that’s why I love working with him. 

What's next for Beth Noble?

My plan now is to keep playing venues, and getting my name out there. I’ll keep pushing my EP now that it’s out to get people to buy or listen to it. I also plan on making a music video for a song on it to keep getting more followers, and I’ll probably go back into the studio soon to record T-Shirt, as several people have asked for that song. I’m just trying to play as much as possible right now, and get as many people as I can interested in what I am doing with my music. 

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